My designs are based on the belief that your home should be a reflection of you. Homes are not meant to just be pretty; they should be lived in. They need to be fun, functional and sustainable. A home should be a place of refuge where its owners can live comfortably. 

I strive to understand my client’s lifestyle, desires and concerns. Then I create a custom environment that meets those needs, incorporating beauty, functionality and sustainability.

DesignSmith offers services from as small as finding fabric for pillows, to as large as working with a builder throughout the project, and everything in between. No project is too large or too small.  I can work as a consultant, giving advice so you can do the legwork, as a teammate, where we work collaboratively to create a space that works for you, or as a leader, where all you have to do is say "thanks" at the end and enjoy your beautiful space.


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